Game Engine Gems 2

4. Screen-Space Classification for Efficient Deferred Shading


Part I — Graphics and Rendering

    1. Fast Computation of Tight-Fitting Oriented Bounding Boxes
    1. Modeling, Lighting, and Rendering Techniques for Volumetric Clouds
    1. Simulation of Night-Vision and Infrared Sensors
    1. Delaying OpenGL Calls
    1. A Framework for GLSL Engine Uniforms
    1. A Spatial and Temporal Coherence Framework for Real-Time Graphics
    1. Implementing a Fast Diffusion DOF Solver
    1. Automatic Dynamic Stereoscopic 3D
    1. Practical Stereo Rendering
    1. Making 3D Stereoscopic Games
    1. A Generic Multi-View Rendering Engine Architecture
    1. 3D in a Web Browser
    1. 2D Magic

Part II — Game Engine Design

    1. High-Performance Programming with Data-Oriented Design
    1. Game Tuning Infrastructure
    1. Placeholders Beyond Static Art Replacement
    1. Believable Dead Reckoning for Networked Games
    1. An Egocentric Motion Management System
    1. Pointer Patching Assets
    1. Data-Driven Sound Pack Loading and Organization
    1. GPGPU Cloth simulation using GLSL, OpenCL, and CUDA
    1. A Jitter-Tolerant Rigid Body Sleep Condition

Part III — Systems Programming

    1. Bit Hacks for Games
    1. Introspection for C++ Game Engines
    1. A Highly Optimized Portable Memory Manager
    1. Simple Remote Heaps
    1. A Cache-Aware Hybrid Sorter
    1. Thread Communication Techniques
    1. A Cross-Platform Multithreading Framework
    1. Producer-Consumer Queues